Mythology Meme - [2/9] Greek Gods/Goddesses;


So it begins…


I’m not kidding around.


First in a series of violin/viola arrangements from the Journey (PS3 game) soundtrack. ilivetowrite on acoustic violin, electric violin (strings setting), and electric 5-string violin. (Macintosh computer on piano. Piano arrangement from the official sheet music.)

“The world is indeed full of p e r i l and in it there are many d a r k places.”


Silmarillion mood boards (9,10/?)

Glorfindel requested by glorfindeliciouss + Ecthelion


found this thing that allows you to earn money in a similar way to all those online survey sites (y’know, where you fill out surveys and get paypal money for it). Kind of useful for me because I spend my money on amazon and ebay and stuff, buying Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings merchandise instead of, I don’t know, useful things like *coughs* food *coughs*.

But basically, it’s this app called featurepoints where you ‘test’ apps and get points for it. You’re then able to redeem your points in exchange for amazon vouchers, some kind of xbox gift code (I don’t understand how xbox works but I guess if you have one then that’s great?), or paypal money.  

but yeah, featurepoint lets you download apps (apps like trivago - that hotel rating site or whatever) and you don’t actually have to do anything, just keep the app open for 30 seconds so that featurepoints updates your points. Check back to the featurepoints app to see how many points you’ve got. Then you just delete the app because I’m sure you don’t actually want or need a hotel/tripadvisor app. I don’t understand the semantics behind it but I think that app developers are interested in these things because the amount of downloads and clicks put up their ratings, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you keep the app afterwards. 

When you sign up and they ask for a referral code, just put in: P96SX7 (that’s my referral code) and you get 50 points for free, to start you off. OR just use this code:  on your app device thing and I think it should direct you automatically. Apart from Paypal money, amazon gift cards and that xbox thing, you can also redeem points for apps that you’d usually have to pay money for (ie. The Sims 3 or Call of Duty idk) 


"it’s like freud always said," says the ‘psychologist’ character in the movie, making everyone in the audience who knows anything at all about psychology flinch involuntarily


■ weekly challenge: get to know me

week 1: characters

day 1: favourite movie→ the philosopher’s stone
"There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it."