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she roams rivers and ponds, creeping up creeks and hiding among pads of lilies and spawn of frogs, fresh faced with locks of hair adorned and gilded with entwined flowers and lace, perching on fountains, at home in springs and rippling brooks, she watches and waits, both enchanting and poisonous in her jealousy — which springs up like an ugly snake from the depths… and although tranquil by nature, her curiousity and charming playfulness know no boundaries as she clasps you in her carnal, and ultimately destructive embrace.


this means so much to me. so much


The BetrayalThe Ranger, Basileia, & Memento Mori | Graphite & Digital Media

A collected post of all my most recent illustrations of women wanderers and warriors. Prints here.

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"Awaken to darkness on this place we call Earth, One vampire’s bite brings another one’s birth. A vampire wakes with blood thirsty needs On the warm rich sensation he feels when he feeds. He stalks in the night like a disatrous beast, And what once was alive will soon be deceased. So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky, You better watch out unless you want to die." -Victoria Boatwright

I do not believe this darkness will endure


straight boys dress like randomised sims



Three witches, because…well…I like to draw witches `v`


Legolas and Gimlii - Glittering Caves

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