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Scandinavian tales and creatures

Älvor (elves) are beautiful girls or young women with flowers in their hair and insect wings. They can be seen dancing through the mist over meadows during sunset and sunrise, and they will bid passing men to join them. However, if someone should join them they will be enthralled and continue to dance, unable to stop, until they lose their minds.
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 Gandalf’s staff appears to be a natural piece of wood, but the crown of the shaft holds something supernatural. Within the crown, the wood has grown around a hollow, white lattice-shaped bulb. The lattice is vaguely Elven in design, and holds a great power. At Gandalf’s command, he can cause the crown to illuminate and light his way at night, or to spark a blue flame to ignite fire. The staff is also imbued with a great strength, allowing Gandalf to shatter stone with one strike.


nymphs, spirits & dwellers of the deep | selkies

unlike her sister, the mermaid, she is never a half-anything; instead transforming on land, her true form visible only in the cold rushes of the sea. peaceful, tranquil, mysterious, she disappears into the depths of the ocean, both curious and cautious when encountering humans. her fable is often melancholy, for humankind fall in love with her beauty, and will keep her from her form. thus she remains entrapped, forever longing for the call of the sea, for her pinniped family. taken advantage of, the selkie mirrors the true depravity of humanity, her story whispered in the salt of the sea breeze, embellished in legend and myth.  

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15 Favorite Art in Animated Films
#15: Cinderella


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{2/5 friendships} → Gimli and Legolas



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